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Thinking of leaving your law firm? Drafting a partnership or employment agreement? These areas of the law are complex and involve not only the law, but also other considerations such as The Rules of Professional Conduct, Ethics, duties to current and former clients, and fiduciary duties. Any party involved in a commercial environment, and looking to move forward or in another direction MUST address these issues before taking action.

Many circumstances that attorneys or other professionals find themselves in prior to or at the time of a departure from a firm or business have deteriorated due to a complete breakdown of attempted negotiations. These failed negotiations often escalate into a toxic environment with both sides harboring animosity towards one another. At this point, neither side is able to gain an objective perspective in order to ascertain the appropriate legal remedy.

Rather than have another firm attempt to take advantage of you and tell you what they believe the law is, come to our firm and find out what the law really is.