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Ever want a chance to play Monday Morning Quarterback? Drafting an iron clad written agreement is your chance! A contract should address all future concerns among the parties in order to protect the rights of the respective parties, and determine what remedies will be available when things can and will go wrong at some time in the future. Contracts must take into consideration the local laws and jurisdictions that may impact certain terms and conditions and dictate whether or not the desired outcome is enforceable.

In general, courts will scrutinize a contract and the terms therein against the party who drafted the document. Especially where the creator of the document includes unfavorable terms to an opposing party, or conditions that are ambiguous and susceptible to alternative meanings. This makes it especially important that the contract you enter into contains clear meanings and definitions going forward.

The best way to know what terms in an agreement are absolutely necessary is by having litigated the interpretation of contracts, and experienced the scrutiny and legal analysis of the substantive issues in light of the surrounding law – this is what our firm can do for you!